About James Deane

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"
(Marcel Proust)

It's all about seeing things differently. 

Our island, it's coastline and the sea have been photographed many times already. So rather than producing more of the same I provide a new, refreshing, sometimes quirky and alternative photographic view.

So what does that mean? Well, It could be the changing complexion of waves in the ocean, quirky perspectives on wildlife, or even confronting storm force winds to bag high-impact shots of our dynamic weather. Or it could be what's happening when you're asleep; that challenge of getting outdoors during the cold winter night and capturing familiar locations with a starry twist. Nightscapes are an example of an ongoing project that many Ileachs both near and far have welcomed with acclaim; even inspiring some to apply such techniques within their own photography!

It's an approach that saw me make the progression from hobbyist to professional photographer in 2010; developing James Deane Photography as a new photographic service whilst carving my own identity. This website has evolved within that timescale too, and now reflects much of the wedding photography, commercial and private commissions that I undertake. Here the same principles apply; in this aspect of my work I invest time and energy, applying individuality and a creative edge to the output; delivering great images and enjoying it.

Enjoyment after all, is how this whole thing started. 

JD, January 2013